Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention 

Where Education and Behavioral Science Meet
ISSN: 1554-4893

Editorial Board and Support Staff

Lead Editor

Joseph Cautilli, Ph.D., B.C.B.A.
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Co-Lead Editor

Douglas Greer, Ph.D
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Associate Editors:

Jan S. Handleman, Ph.D. 
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Gary Novak, Ph.D. 
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William Ahearn, Ph.D. - New England Center for Children

Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D., BCBA - Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University

Jessica Singer-Dudek, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Special Education, St. John's University

Editorial Review Board

Sheila Alber Morgan, Ph.D. - Department of Special Education,  State of Ohio University
John Banard - Bancroft Nueorhealth 
Thomas Barnes, Ph.D. - 
Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D. - National University of Ireland, Maynooth
John C. Borrero, Ph.D. - University of the Pacific and the Valley Mountain Regional Medical Center.
Vincent Carbone, Ed.D - Private Practice
Scott A. Braud, M.A., B.C.B.A. -CARD Austin
Mapy Chavez-Brown, Ph.D. - Columbia University
Leslie R. Cohen, Ph.D. - Surrey Place
Michael Lamport Commons, Ph.D. - Harvard University
Anthony Cuvo, Ph.D. - Southern Illonosis University
Jennifer Dawson, Ph.D. - West Chester University
Jo Ann Perelra Delgado, Ph.D. - Assistant Director, The Fred S. Keller School
Lara Delmolino, Ph.D. -  Rutgers University
Carl Dunst, Ph.D. - Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute
Mark Eddy, Ph.D. - Oregon Social Learning Center
Michael Fabrizio, M.A., B.C.B.A. - Private Practice
Grant Gautreaux, Ph.D. 
Jacob Gewirtz, Ph.D - Florida International University
Deborah Haas, M.S.Ed. - Episocpal Hospital
Margaret Hancock, M.Ed. - Delaware County Internmediate Unit
David Hessler, MS - 
Anne Holmes
Per Holth, Ph.D. - The Behavioral Center, Oslo
Amoy Hugh-Pennie, Ph.D. - 
MaryLouise E. Kerwin, Ph.D., B.C.B.A. - Rowen University
Dolleen-Day Keohane - CABAS Schools
Anjelika Kosanic -  Private Practive
Bonny LeGrice, Ph.D. 
Ronald C. Martella, Ph.D. - Eastern Washington University
Eric Messick, MA
Robert Montgomery, Ph.D. - Reinforcment Unlimted
Michael M. Mueller, Ph.D., BCBA -  Southern Behavioral Group
Sang Seok Nam, Ph.D. -  California State University at San Bernardino
Matthew Normand, Ph.D. - Florida Institure of Technology
Robin Nuzzolo, Ph.D. -  Director,  The Fred S. Keller School
Martha Pelaez, Ph.D. - Education Florida International University
Lillian V. Pelios, Ph.D. - 
Kimberly Ray, Ph.D., B.C.B.A. - Missippi Behavior Clinic
Miguel Roberts, Ph.D. - University of Mississippi 
Denise Ross, Ph.D. - 
Tracy A. Ruff, M.Ed, B.C.B.A.
Bart M. Sevin, Ph.D., B.C.B.A - University of Mississippi 
Stacey Shook, Ph.D. - Northwest Behavioral Associates 
Latha Soorya, Ph.D. -  Seaver and NY Autism Center for Excellence The Mount Sinai School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry
Paul Strand, Ph.D. - Washington State University
Carole Van Camp, Ph.D.  University of Southern Florida
Renee K. Van Norman, Ph.D - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Tim Vollmer, Ph.D. - University of Florida
Michael Weinberg, Ph.D., B.C.B.A - PERCS Info
Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D. -  Rutgers University, Douglas Developmental Disability Center
Richard Weissman, Ph.D. - Media Beuro
Thomas Zane,  Ph.D., B.C.B.A. - School of Education, The Sage Colleges

BAO Journals Staff

Melissa Apsche  - Managing Editor

Halina Dziewolska - Director of Advertising

National Capitol Area Paralegal Concierge - Legal Affairs

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