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Clinician’s Manual and Guide for Case Conceptualization
By Jack Apsche, and Jerry L. Jennings

The Clinician’s Manual provides the tools to take a careful measure of how and why a youngster got to this place in life. In conjunction with the Responsibility & Self-Management Client Workbook, it guides therapists to pinpoint the function of the youngster’s problem behavior(s) and to develop a specific intervention for that client. Using methodologies based on Evidenced Based Treatments, the manual focuses and enhances the treatment process, addressing multiple behaviors seen in both inpatient and out-patient treatment placements.


A Client Workbook of Skills to Learn
By Jack Apsche and Jerry L. Jennings

Jack Apsche and Jerry Jennings have developed this unique workbook specifically for adolescent treatment based on research and clinical trials. Using principles of Evidenced Based Treatments and intended for use in both out-patient and in-patient practices, the book addresses multiple issues, including aggression, anger, defiance, and sexually inappropriate behaviors. Responsibility & Self-Management looks at how the client’s life brought him to a therapist and provides a functional analytic blueprint to treatment.

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OnBACE is the Cambridge Center's program for delivering online video-based tutorials,  allowing Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs and BCABAs) to earn continuing education units (CEUs). The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies is approved as a Type 2 CE Provider.

We offer online behavior analysis videos, broken into small segments focused on a particular set of objectives, plus a short quiz between segments. Once a module is purchased, you may return to it whenever you want to review it and access any study guides or other materials associated with it.

Learn from the Experts at the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Learn Online, 24/7

 Earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) 

Earn a Certificate of Mastery at no extra cost!

Video-based tutorial with video, study guide and testing.

First Module Available:

“Behavioral Treatment of Autistic Children: Ivar Lovaas" In Historical Perspective


 Characteristics of Autism (video)
 Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism:  Beginnings
 Behavioral Approach (video)
 Ivar Lovaas and Case Studies (video)
 Recent Developments in ABA for Autism

BACB® Type 2 CE Provider

The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies relies on many dedicated professionals to bring you trustworthy, verifiable information about effective ways to manage or change behavior in the home, school, and workplace. This material, written by experts in behavioral science and reviewed by their peers, many of whom are Directors and Trustees as well as Advisors of the Center, is based on nearly a century of research.


To visit the ONBace web page, click on the CCBS logo above!

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER: The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.®  (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, the material, information or sessions identified herein.


Behavior Analyst Online Is Looking For Financial Support

The Behavior Analyst Online organization is seeking donors to support its cause. 
By contributing to the cost of the journals, you will help to keep our journals free.
We plan to list our donors (if they desire) on the BAO site. 
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Professional Education Resources and Conference Services

 Receive Continuing Education Credits Online

     PERCS is providing CE hours for reading articles from the Behavior Analyst Today web site and answering some questions to demonstrate that you have read the article. 

     PERCS is an approved CE provider by the BACB, and Approved CE sponsor by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education to Psychologists.  Neither the BACB or APA endorse the programs or events sponsored by PERCS.

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     All volumes of BAO Journals are now available on CD ROM.  Now, you can order the complete volumes, of Behavior Analyst Today, Journal of Early and Intensive Behavior Intervention and the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy and Speech Language Pathology-Applied Behavior Analysis on CD.  Each journal is on its own separate CD and comes in a plastic jewel case.   CDs include the most current issue of the journal requested, and each set of journals on CD will include a master volume index. The issues are in PDF format.  The cost of the CD is $20.00 each (shipping included) for BAT, JEIBI,  IJBCT amd SLP-ABA.   Order all 4 journals and save $10.00.

    For ordering information, send an e-mail to BAO's literary agent and specify in the header which journal(s) you would like to order.

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Journal of Organizational Behavior Management

The official journal of the OBM Network, a Special Interest Group of 
the Association for Behavior Analysis

Rated third highest Impact Factor among applied psychology journals by ISI!

An invaluable resource focusing on the improvement of employee performance!

Improve the quality of life of your employees in the workplace with this indispensable journal!

     Here is the only professional journal devoted to behavior management in organizations. This innovative journal (The Official Journal of the OBM Network) serves as a tool for improving productivity and the quality of working life. Top researchers provide proven methods—backed by facts, not opinions—to show you the best practical ways to apply behavior management in the workplace.

     The Journal of Organizational Behavior Management—the official journal of the OBM Network—belongs on the desk of every personnel, industrial, or managerial professional who truly believes that there are scientific principles to improve employee performance and wants to bring these principles out of the lab and into the workplace! The journal publishes research and review articles, case studies, discussions, and book reviews on the topics that are critical to today's organization development practitioners and human resource managers. Beyond the general principles of organizational systems and structure, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management focuses on specific concerns such as:
• employee safety
• employee training
• stress, health, and employee productivity
• evaluation of employee satisfaction and feedback systems
• managing absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover
• use of monetary and nonmonetary incentives
• self-management procedures
• programmed instruction, behavioral modeling, and computer-aided instruction
• positive and negative side effects of OBM interventions

     The Journal of Organizational Behavior Management occasionally produces thematic issues that concentrate on a single, highly relevant topic. Past thematic issues have focused on organizational culture and rule-governed behavior; pay for performance; OBM and statistical process control; computers, people, and productivity; and improving staff effectiveness. Use this valuable resource to improve the productivity, safety, and profitability of your organization.

  To learn more, obtain a free sample or subscribe to the journal, visit the Haworth Press website. 


The Apsche Center 
Evidenced Based Psychotherapy
Specializing in Mode Deactivation Therapy

Consultations for Children and Adolescents with the following:

Adolescent Parasuicidal Behavior
Adolescent Suicidal Ideation
Conduct Disorders
Emotional Trauma
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Sexual Aggression

To visit the Apsche Center website,
click on the picture!

Dr. Jack Apsche is a nationally known clinician, researcher and staff trainer, who specializes in treating youth with sex offending and other severely challenging behaviors. He continues to contribute innovative, empirically supported enhancements to traditional cognitive behavioral approaches, which promote holistic, multi-faceted treatment of youth.

Contact: Jack A. Apsche, Ed.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical, Clinical Child, and Adolescent Counseling,
Behavioral, and Group Psychology by The American Board of Professional Psychology


A Must Read For Every Parent & Professional Who Deals With Children

Punishment on Trial:
A Guide to Child Discipline
Ennio Cipani, Ph.D.

Do you:

• Know how to punish behavior, not the child?
• Equate spanking with punishment?
• Believe punishment does not work with your child?
• Hear from professionals the punishing children for misbehavior is abusive and doesn't work?
• Feel guilty when you punish your child for some misbehavior, but have been told that such is bad parenting?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the above questions, this book may be the definitive resource you have been waiting for.

Go to and search "Cipani."  Read excerpts from the book by clicking on the introductory chapter at the bottom of the page.

Table of Contents:

About the Author vi
Preface vii
Acknowledgements viii
Cases x
Introduction 11
Section I: What is Punishment? 17
Section II: Exposing Myths About Punishment 23
Myth #1: Punishment Does Not Work 24 
Myth #2: Punishment Temporarily Suppresses Behavior (and Therefore Is Not Worth the Effort) 44
Myth #3: Punishment Causes Problems for a Child's Emotional Development 54
Myth #4: Punishment Is Not as Effective as Reinforcement 72
Myth #5: Time-out Does Not Work 86
Section III: Six Basic Principles of Punishment 101
Principle I: There Must Exist a Behavioral Contingency 101
Principle II: Be Consistent 106
Principle III: The "Even Swap" Rule 113
Principle IV: Remove Competing Consequences 117
Principle V: Be Specific 120
Principle VI: Prove It Works 121
Section IV: A Responsible Use of Punishment 125
References 135

Visit Dr. Cipani's website 

Dr. Cipani is on the faculty of Alliant International University

  This book and other books by Dr. Cipani are also available at

Context Press

Other books and products by Dr. Cipani:

Functional Analysis of Behavior (FAB) Model for School Settings
Dr. Cipani's books are available at

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